Sunday, 17 November 2013

Mittelmeerrdivision - SMS Göben & Breslau

I´m still devising my final opening post for this blog, meanwhile, for all those who happen to stumble upon this site (or view this after the grand official opening), here are the first ships fresh from the painting table. These are Hallmark / Figurehead 1/6000 ships, tiny tiny tiny little ships, but incredibly rich in detail for the scale they are. The scepticism and doubt after opening the package and looking at the unpainted ships faded quickly once I started painting. I´m awed about the skills of the designer who made the masters for these models.

So, here´s the Mittelmeerdivision, SMS Göben and Breslau.
The picture is scaled to what it looks like in reality. Other people use coins for reference, but as coins differ in size depending on your currency area, I´ve decided to put in something else for scale reference - something every wargamer uses :D

They are not based yet and I´ll devote another post later for basing, as I´ve something special in mind. We´ll see if it works out.

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