Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Royal Navy - Mediterranean Fleet

It´s raining outside and my plans to prime the Regina Marina have gone moot. So I decided to take some pictures of the British Mediterranean Fleet of 1914 (without bases yet, still gathering raw material).  No Destroyers yet, still working on them.

The Mediterranean Fleet of 1914 consisted of a detachment of cruisers, with three Battlecruisers - HMS Inflexible, HMS Indomitable (both "Invincible"-Class) and HMS Indefatigable ("Indefatigable"-Class) - forming the backbone of the fleet detachment.

The heavily armed battlecruisers where supported by the 1st Cruiser Squadron, fielding two Duke of Edingburgh-Class Armored Cruisers (HMS Black Prince and HMS Duke of Edinburgh), one Minotaur-Class Cruiser (HMS Defense) and one Warrior-Class Cruiser (HMS Warrior).

To save money, I´ve replaced the Warrior-class ship with another Minotaur-class Cruiser, as these came in the same package as the Duke of Edinburghs. I´d have to order another 4 Warrior-class cruisers to add a single one to my fleet, and chose to substitute...

For scouting, patrol, screening and actions against smaller ships, the British also had 4 Light Cruisers in their fleet - HMS Chatham, Dublin, Gloucester and Weymouth - all of very similar design (Town-class cruisers) but with some changes. Again, I substituted HMS Gloucester, which is a Bristol-class Cruiser, with another Chatham-class (might switch it for a Weymouth-class later, don´t know yet)  - again, I didn´t want to buy another 4 or 5 Bristols just for one ship.

That´s essentially the force you see above. The British had 16 Destroyers to operate with this group, which I´ll put into two destroyer squadrons (probably represented by 4 ships) to use with Naval Thunder. This time, I actually failed in my effort to save, as I ordered all 16 Destroyers instead of only 1 pack of 8... Yeah...

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