Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Label Printer!

Hello there,

I´m just adding a very small update today, some good news on the ship-front. My Mum has stumbled upon a cheap label printer compatible with white font on transparent basing. I´ll have to pick it up during my next visit home, which is still a two weeks away, and I´ll have to order the correct printing tape for the device. But having done that, I´ll be able to replace my handwritten ship designations with nice and uniform labels from a label printer!

Apart from this good news, there´s not much progression on the naval arms race as I´ve been focusing on sculpting lately. You can whitness the results on my other Blog, Rifles and Muskets (see blog lists on the right hand side).

The French Fleet has arrived and is primed, with some of the large cruisers already painted, but there´s some way to go. Fortunately, I still have some time left until August :)

If you´re lucky, I´ll be playing a game of Naval Thunder in roughly two weeks and I might take some pics and write a short report, but that is not yet decided....

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