Thursday, 10 April 2014

Transparent Basing - The final solution


I know it´s become silent around here for quite some time, but I´ve been busy with other projects over at Rifles and Muskets. Nevertheless, I´ve silently pursued this project by obtaining a label printer and the right tape to print some white font on transparent labels. That has taken me some time, but today I finally tested if it was actually providing the desired result.

And yes, it works just fine! Clear font, just the right size after I figured out how to adjust the font size on the printer and no shaky handwritten names!

The only downside is that the label printer does not use the label efficiently. Every printed piece has about 100% unprinted label - 50% on either side - that could be used if the printer would just cut the tape closer to the printed area. Guess they want to sell more of their expenside tape :(

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